What are TE Tokens?


TE Tokens are the universal cryptocurrency for the sector. We have an existing ecosystem of thousands of users, manufacturers and distribution channels all over the world, ready to use our token from day one.


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TE Tokens are a payment token, a digital currency that can be used to purchase advertising and account upgrades in the world of online advertising. Some advertising platforms even offer a bonus when you use TE Tokens.



Many payment processors refer to online advertising as a high risk business, limiting business owners and advertisers and leaving them without any good options. Our strategy is to make TE Tokens easy to use and a fast and secure payment option.


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We want TE Tokes to be a common payment method for daily transactions for people everywhere. Transactions are fast, the fee is extremely low, and you can easily trade your TE Tokens for other currencies.


Traffic Exchange

There are several different types of websites where people can advertise online, and one of the most popular free web traffic generators are traffic exchanges. A traffic exchange is often referred to as a TE, and that is where the name of the token originates.



Value Proposition

We provide an alternative economic model for advertisers and website owners. The online advertising market was valued at $304.0 billion in 2019, and is expected to reach $982.82 billion by 2025, at a compound annual growth rate of 21.6%.

Market Specifics

For the first year, an initial team will work on development and maintenance. 1 million TE Tokens will be issued, 800,000 of them in the first year.

We grant to sell the first 10.000 TET for $1 each. For each 10.000 TET we sell, the price will increase with $0.01 per 1 TET. That means when 1 million TET have been sold, the price for 1 TET is $1.1. We guarantee to buy back a part of all TET that is being sold, and we buy for $0.9 through Waves Exchange with USDN every Sunday.

Until August 31, anyone who buys $100 in TE Tokens receives a bonus of 3%. Anyone who buys $500 in TE Tokens receives a bonus of 6%, and anyone who buys $1000 in TE Tokens receives a bonus of 10%.

Email info [at] tetoken.surf and include your Waves address to get your bonus.

Token specifics

Token name: TE Token (TET)
Token ID: Fsh9hxbAYDAPjBoEagdS2tGZwYPLfbN3psbu8rNechjf
Token released on: Waves Blockchain