How to get a DASH address in Coinbase

If you don’t already have a card for a DASH balance in Coinbase, follow these simple instructions to get one.

1. Click your image in the top right corner of the page and then click “Settings”.

2. Select “Crypto addresses”, marked with yellow in the example picture below:

Coinbase Settings

3. In the dropdown field that says “All assets”, select DASH.

4. If you already have a DASH address, this is where you can see it. If you don’t have one, click “+Create new address” located on the left side of the page, marked with yellow in the example picture below.

Add address in Coinbase

5. You will see your DASH wallet address immediately on the same page, after you create it.

Please note: Coinbase supports a large variety of cryptocurrencies, so you can sell your TE Tokens for USDN and then trade your USDN for any other currency than DASH. We used DASH in this example because it has the lowest fees.