How to get a DASH address in Uphold

If you don’t already have a card for a DASH balance in Uphold, click “add card/currency”, located above your balance cards on the right side. It is marked with yellow in the example picture below:
Uphold dashboard

Write “DASH” in the name field, and search for “dash” in the search field. When it looks like this, click Create.

Create card in Uphold

Now you are able to hold DASH currency in your Uphold account, and to transfer it between other currencies. To find your DASH wallet address after you open a DASH card, simply go back to your main dashboard and:

  1. Click the DASH card.
  2. Select “Add funds”.
  3. Click “Fund with Cryptocurrency or Utility token”
  4. Scroll down to select “DASH”.
  5. You will then see your DASH wallet address in Uphold. This is the address you need to add when you want to send DASH from Waves Exchange to Uphold to easily change it for fiat currency or withdraw it.

Please note: Uphold supports a large variety of cryptocurrencies, so you can sell your TE Tokens for USDN and then trade your USDN for any other currency than DASH. We used DASH in this example because it has the lowest fees.