How to Sell and cash out TE Tokens

Site owners can accept TE Tokens as payment in their websites. Some websites, such as Hungry For Hits, Finest Traffic and the Food Game, give 10% bonus when using TET to add to your account balance there.

We grant to sell the first 10.000 TET for $1 each. For each 10.000 TET we sell, the price will increase with $0.01 per 1 TET. That means when 1 million TET have been sold, the price for 1 TET is $1.1. We also grant to always buy for $0.9. We guarantee to buy back 50% of all TET that is being sold.

Sell your TE Tokens in Waves Exchange:

1. Click Trading on top of the page. Select Community mode in the top right corner, marked with red in the image below, and agree in the pop up that follows.

community mode

2. In the search field in the right side column, write “te token”. The search field is marked in red in this example picture below:

3. Click TE Token / USDN, TE Token / USDT or TE Token / USDC.

4. On the bottom of the page, find the Sell area. You have to scroll down to see this. The buy and sell area is marked with a red square in the bottom of the example picture below.

5. In the “Price” field, enter 0.9 USDN/USDT/USDC ( depending on what you select).

6. In the “Amount” field, enter how many TE Tokens you want to sell.

7. Click Sell TE Token.

8. We, other users, owners or traders may buy your TE Tokens. When someone buys your TE Tokens, you will receive USDN/USDT/USDC.

Cash out your USDN:

To cash out, the best option is to first trade your USDN/USDT/USDC for a cryptocurrency with low fees, preferrably DASH. The example below will use DASH, but you can use any other cryptocurrency if you prefer. Just keep in mind that Bitcoin has relatively high fees in Waves Exchange, so you would make a better deal if you withdraw it as another currency and then exchange it to Bitcoin, if Bitcoin is what you prefer.

The easiest method is to send your DASH to Uphold or Coinbase, which both supports it.

  1. Open a DASH card in Uphold or a DASH balance in Coinbase.
  2. Go to your Wallet in Waves Exchange by logging in to Waves and clicking “Wallet” in the menu at the top. Scroll down below the graph on the page to see all the assets you have in Waves.
  3. Click Send, the arrow pointing up, next to your DASH balance.
  4. Enter your DASH wallet address and send it.
  5. Once it has arrived in your Uphold or Coinbase account, you can convert it for any other currency and withdraw it.

Click here for instructions on how to get a DASH address in Uphold.

Click here for instructions on how to get a DASH address in Coinbase.

If you want to keep your funds online but move it to another wallet, it’s always best that you exchange the USDN/USDT/USDC to DASH before moving to other exchange or wallet, for example Coinbase. This is because the fees are lower than when moving Bitcoin.