Pay with TE Tokens in traffic exchanges

The traffic exchanges and game sites that accept direct TE Token payments have an account balance option, usually called Piggy Bank. In the Piggy Bank there is an info card with TE Tokens and a link to various buy buttons with different amounts. This is an example of what it looks like when you click the TET option in the Food Game:

Piggy Bank in the Food Game

1. You need a fraction of a Waves coin to fund the transaction fee. It’s typically 0.001 Waves coins (approximately $0,003) for a $5 transaction. If you don’t have any Waves coins, start by purchasing one. Click here for instructions on how to buy a Waves coin.

2. Click the buy button with the amount you want to deposit ($5, $10, $25, $50, $100 or $250). Waves Exchange will open in your web browser and you must log in to the web version of Waves.

There is either a “Log in” or a “Get started” link in the top right corner, depending on if you previously used the web version or app, and if your cookies are clear or not. The area where it is located is marked with a yellow square in the example picture below.

Log in to Waves Exchange

3. Click the “Log in” or “Get started” button. If you see the “Log in” button,  enter your password and click Continue to log in.

If you see the “Get started” button, select the option to “Import accounts” and then select to import with “Seed or Key”, Enter your 15 word Seed and click Continue. Select your account name and then click Continue again, and you are logged in.

4. When you have logged in, a transaction popup will open over your Waves main member area. The recipient’s address is already filled in, as well as the description and the amount of TE Tokens to send, depending on which amount you choose on the buy buttons. The popup looks like this:

Send TE Tokens

5. Click continue to complete your transaction. Your TE Tokens will be automatically converted to USD and deposited into your Piggy Bank account.