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Buying and selling cryptocurrency is still not easy in many countries, as they don’t have access to EUR or USD. What if that changed for the better? Wouldn’t it make life easier for everyone?

To remove these problems, we use a blockchain platform called Waves. It is a decentralized place for crowdfunding and trading by tokenization. Sounds too techy? It’s not!

Waves is the name of the exchange and a cryptocurrency. They have integrated fiat currency gateways like USD/EUR/CNY right in your wallet. Waves allows users to trade their TE Tokens, Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies in exchange for Waves, or any other asset issued on the Waves platform.

Gateways to fiat currency like USD will allow you to exchange TE Tokens for real money, which can be deposited into your bank. All transactions between cryptocurrency to fiat or fiat to cryptocurrency will be recorded on the Waves blockchain. A KYC/AML is needed to deposit and withdraw fiat money. However, it is not necessary for cryptocurrency transactions.  

The information below is from Waves Exchange support page:

How to create an account

To create an account you can use either Waves.Exchange Online app, or downloadable standalone versions for Windows, Mac or Linux. All versions are available on the website and support automatic updates!

Note: We cannot recover your funds or freeze your account if you visit a phishing site or lose your backup phrase (aka SEED phrase). By continuing to use Waves.Exchange, you agree to accept all risks associated with the loss of your SEED, including but not limited to the inability to obtain your funds and dispose of them. You agree and acknowledge that Waves.Exchange is not responsible for the negative consequences of the SEED being lost or stolen.

Click Get Started to start the account creation process.

In the Create password field specify the password, confirm it in the Confirm password field and then click Continue.

Click Create a new account, choose your avatar and click Continue:

Select your account name and click Continue to start using Waves.Exchange.

Backing Up Seed Phrase

Note: We strongly recommend to create the backup copy of the seed phrase, since this is the only way to restore access to your account in case of loss or theft of the device.

Click on the account avatar and go to Settings > Security:

Click Show in the Seed phrase field and type an account password. After that the seed phrase will be displayed in the field.

Note: Never provide your backup phrase to anyone except the official Waves.Exchange app. We recommend you write the backup phrase on a piece of paper and store it in a secure location. Do not store the backup phrase unencrypted on any electronic device.