Show TE Tokens balance in your Waves Wallet

When you click Wallet in the top menu in Waves.Exchange, you will see all sorts of known cryptocurrencies and tokens and their current market rates. First select to include seeing unverified assets. There is a menu at the top of the page, above the currency list, where you need to click “Unverified” (marked with a red square in the image below) and agree to showing them in the pop up that follows.

To show TE Token in your Wallet, write “TE Token” in the search field (marked with a red square in the image below). Please note that writing “TET” or “TE Tokens” in the search field will not work, you have to write the exact name “TE Token”. It is also possible to search for the TE Token ID, the long string of random letters and numbers listed under the name. TE Token asset ID is:


TE Token in Waves Exchange

TE Token will come up in the search result, and once you click it you will see the asset information as well as an option to withdraw or deposit TE Tokens.

Your Waves wallet address is located in the top right corner of the page, where your name is. That is the address used to receive TE Token.