Show TE Tokens balance in your Waves Wallet

When you click Wallet in the top menu in Waves.Exchange, you will see a graph with recent crypto values, and below if you can see different “cards” with assets, cryptocurrencies. You can unpin, hide, the ones you are not interested in by clicking the 3 dots in the upper right corner of a card and then selecting “Unpin”.

Asset card in Waves Exchange

To add TE Tokens to your asset cards in your Wallet, click the plus sign after your last asset card. In the “Type asset name or id” field, write “TE Token”, and it will come up in the results field. Check the box next to it (marked in red below), then click the blue Pin button and it will display on an info card in your Waves wallet.

Add te token to wallet

Please note that writing “TET” in the search field will not work, you have to write the full name “TE Token”. It is also possible to search for the TE Token ID, the long string of random letters and numbers listed under the name. TE Token asset ID is: